the sound of freshly fallen snow

fresh flakes

When I woke up this morning, I could tell it had snowed overnight even before I opened the curtains. I could hear it. Or, more accurately, it was what I couldn’t hear — the traffic. The strange thing is that I don’t usually hear the traffic at all, or at least I don’t think I hear it. The noise of the street and the quiet hum of the city is so constant that it recedes into the background and I usually just tune it out. A layer of fresh snow muffles the sound of cars and coats everything with a white blanket of soundlessness. While thick flakes were still floating through the air, before the snowplows spread salt and sand and noisiness back onto the roads, I bundled up and went outside. I walked to a nearby field, leaving tracks that were soon swallowed up by the softly falling snow, and listened to the silence.

Photo taken on December 16, 2010


7 thoughts on “the sound of freshly fallen snow

  1. Lovely!! Your photo and words – just beautiful!! It is strange how we can just “sense” when we have a new coating of snow, everything does seem to quiet down. When I was a kid, I used to LOVE fresh snow! Then, I grew to dread it…. mostly, because I knew I’d have to try to drive in it! Now that I have 2 little ones, I have a feeling I’m going to learn to have fun with it again!! My dad used to love to building snowmen (and other creatures) and sledding with me and my brother when we were kids – I’d love to give my guys those memories, too!

    • Oh yes, you’re totally right, Holly — snow is meant to be played in (and with)! Even watching the dogs frolic brings out the kid in me. Of course I understand how it can make driving treacherous, but there’s something about fresh snow which is just so inviting, especially when the sun comes out afterwards and everything glitters, like it is right now. Time to go back outdoors and enjoy it!

  2. I love snow, and particular that type that fell this morning! Snow flakes, big as mitts [to exaggerate a little]. I should have gone out.
    As a child, I think you’re more appreciative of the first snow, and I can still remember how great it felt when there was enough to build, like sort of an igloo, of snowballs with a candle inside.

    • Yay, I’m glad you like snow too, Rebekah! Your igloo sounds very much like the snow forts we carved into the high snow banks — not along the roads though, that would be dangerous! Was there a lot of snow when you were growing up in Sweden?

  3. In northern Sweden, where I come from, there’s normally a lot of snow! However, my little town is right by the sea [Gulf of Bothnia], so the climate is very similar to Saint John’s. Damp.
    I’d never seen so much snow in my life, as I did in Quebec 🙂 The winter of 2007/2008 in particular. It just never stopped snowing — it didn’t look like much but boy, did it ever accumulate.

  4. The gently falling snowflakes on your website really work well with this photo! We enjoy a pretty good dose of quiet where we live, but I can remember waking up in town to the sound of whining tires … cars stuck in the road! and the clink of snow shovels. Nice to listen to if you don’t have to travel!

    • The clink of snow shovels, hmmm, well it could be worse! That reminds me of the joke about the man who went to stay in the suburbs to get a break from urban noise, and couldn’t sleep in because of the mowin’ (moan) of the lawns…

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