the snow arrives

snow scene

We had a green Christmas. The sun shone, the roads were bare and the temperature was mild. Although I was hoping for snow, I admit that it couldn’t have been a better day.

Then, late on Boxing Day, a Nor’easter blew up along the coast and dumped a pile of snow and some rain through the Maritimes. As I write this, a blustery wind is shaking the trees and blowing last night’s fresh snow into sharp-peaked drifts. The landscape has completely changed. My shoulder and back muscles are still sore from shovelling snow yesterday, and I know there will more shovelling to do today.

Welcome back, winter.

Photo taken on December 27, 2010


8 thoughts on “the snow arrives

  1. Haven’t even been out, but for sure we’ll have some digging to do in order to get the car out. The sound from the wind is almost eerie. Glad you had a good Christmas. We had too.

    • It has been a few wintery days, that’s for sure, Rebekah! But for all my whining about sore shovelling muscles, I’m not looking forward to the mild temperatures and possibility of rain next week. I’d be quite happy if it stayed at minus 5 all winter.

  2. Had a most “interesting” drive home from work this morning, even with my new winter tires. It’s true what they say — it’s not the roads that are the problem, but the crazy drivers who don’t drive for the conditions!

    As for Winter, well, its days are numbered — 82 to be exact. 🙂

    • Are you sure the calendar has got it right this time, Karen? It seems to me that the tidy 3 months/season calendar schtick is broken. If I was organizing the calendar, I’d plan half-a-dozen mini springs through February and early March, just to make the transition easier. Oh yes, and autumn should be longer. And maybe an extra month between August and September, just because.

    • I agree, the weather has seemed weird, Monica. I think it’s going to be a winter to remember, weather-wise. I wonder what local lore and folk wisdom says about this kind of weather, if the number of squirrels or thickness of a horse’s coat gives any indication of what’s to come?

  3. Beautiful photo. I can’t even imagine what a white Christmas is like. I love seeing photos from the other side of the world 🙂 Thank you for sharing.

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