taking stock

the blue shovel

I’ve read a number of other people’s resolutions and goals for 2011 in the last couple of days. It almost seems as if, on the stroke of 12:01 a.m. January 1st, their ambitious plans suddenly popped up on the calendar, ready to be checked off the list.

I look at my calendar, and it tells me nothing.

Sure, there are lots of things I’d like to accomplish in 2011, but my main goal — a successful career change — needs more than a few quick checkmarks. As I’ll be turning the big 5-0 soon, I figure that whatever career I end up (hopefully sooner than later) should be one I can stick with.

I feel like I’m ready for a change, but I don’t want to rush into the wrong decision.

This photo, taken during a snowstorm last January, reminds me how much things can change. Since it was taken, we’ve built a fence and made a lot of improvements to the house and garden. But here in the middle of winter, it’s harder to see the changes, the thick snow falling now doesn’t feel any different than last year’s snow.

So I’m not in a hurry. I’m taking stock, watching the weather, and trying to be prepared for the inevitable changes that lie ahead, just around the corner.

Photo taken on January 20, 2010

10 thoughts on “taking stock

  1. Good for you! Take your time, think about what’s feels right! I haven’t made any real “resolutions”, either… just to do the best job I can with my life!!

    Love the photo, BTW… very nice color “pop”!! 🙂

  2. You’re right to take your time, but, oh what a wonderful decade lies ahead of you. The ’50’s are such an important time, both for growth, and for fruition. By the time you have hit 60, you will be a much more complete person, in ever so many ways.

    • Wow, that has got to be the most hopeful thing I’ve heard in a long time! It has seemed lately that my friends getting older are also getting more tired and more discouraged, so it’s been hard maintaining my optimistic enthusiasms. So your words are very much appreciated — thank you, Louise!

  3. Gillian – If i have any resolutions for the new year it’s to just ‘be’ – and your words and images are a perfect example of capturing a moment that most others may have overlooked or thought insignificant. When we slow down, sometimes that’s when life starts to make the most sense (and happy new year!).

    • Thank you, Lisa, for your words…. they inspired me to write today’s (Tuesday’s) post. Sometimes I need to be reminded that life can go by while you’re waiting for something else; I need to pay attention to the moment, to be here now. Photography helps!

  4. I find it interesting that your photo for taking stock is an image of a path .. and that while the path is not cleared, you were still able to make your way to your chosen destination and record that journey. Now, take up that pretty blue shovel and blaze a trail to your new career. Won’t it be absolutely wonderful to wake up each day and look forward to your new work? You’ll love it so much that it won’t even seem like work – it’ll be more like a hobby. Lucky you! 🙂

    • I really like the way you interpret the photo, Monica, and thanks for such encouraging words! If I could do something I love, that I would look forward to each day, why the thought almost makes me weep! I will keep looking for that path… even if I have to dig it myself 😉

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