time to sit and think

rest stop

I’m the kind of person who likes to sit and think. I have a very rich mental life in which I enjoy many adventures and have lengthy discussions with imaginary and not-so-imaginary people. In my mind, I am witty and wise, and the bon mots I tend to miss in real life are always ready on the end of my tongue.

Since I’ve been out of the work race the past six months, I have had lots of time to sit and think. I’ve discovered, to my delight, that I enjoy writing. I have been studying areas that interest me, like project management and website optimization. I have been working on my father’s Memoirs. I have been pondering life and the future direction of my career.

And I’ve been pleased to see that many career and work experts recommend that everyone, no matter how busy — especially if they are busy —  set aside time in their day to enable mental processing and reflection. Since most people need time to get up to speed in the day, experts recommend scheduling time to think (or in GTD terms, do a “mental sweep”) in the morning.

People who set aside time every day to free their minds from their immediate tasks are better prepared for whatever may be on the horizon. The next time you feel pushed for time, push back. You’ll feel less stressed if you take a few minutes to just sit and think.

Photo taken on January 6, 2011


4 thoughts on “time to sit and think

  1. Ha ha @ the allegory. I know that place.

    Now I have all the time I could wish for, to sit and think, but even before … I found that early morning suits me best.

    It’s good for the mind.

    In ‘darker’ periods of my life, I found that writing was almost therapeutic for me. To put my thoughts down on paper often gave me a structure in what might have seemed like chaos.

    • Ooh, thanks, Barefootheart, sometimes I think I try too hard…

      Re internal silence, I suppose you are referring to an empty mind rather than a quiet one, but still — compared to the constant chatter in my head — that would be a refreshing change!

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