where the sidewalk ends

where the sidewalk ends

My new job is a new beginning, but it’s also an ending. It’s an end to lazy mornings lounging in my pajamas, and mid-afternoon play sessions with the dogs. It’s an end to looking through employment ads and updating only the expense side of my balance sheet.

In the past week I’ve tried to absorb more information than is humanly possible to retain, began to bond with people who will soon be leaving, and learned some of the history of a place which is now in the midst of change. It was a mentally and emotionally exhausting week.

I am preparing for an undefined role in the difficult time of this workplace, at the moment in which everything seems to be in flux. Yet there is so much potential — it could turn out to be a really fascinating and fun job. But if this first week is any indication, I won’t be following a predictable pathway, I’ll be helping to clear a new one. Yikes!

Photo taken on January 30, 2011


8 thoughts on “where the sidewalk ends

  1. Congratulations on the new beginning … and I’m sure that you will prove yourself invaluable.

    Being with a company in a state of flux can be a good thing, it gives you a chance to prove your worth in challenging times. No matter which way your turn there is a new fire to be fought, and a new battle to be won. The personal satisfaction in watching those fires die out and seeing the smoke clear is well worth it.

    • Thanks for the encouragement, Shelley! I can tell that it is going to be a valuable experience — I just hope I’m not putting a lot of effort into learning a new job that won’t exist once the reorganization is complete.

  2. Cute Corgis! A challenge in a new job can be a really good thing. It gets you interested and involved, right from the beginning. Congratulations on your employment!

    • Thank you, barefootheart. There have been a few more twists to the story since I wrote this, but I won’t share them here. On the positive side, I’ll have a job for a few months while the powers that be decide on a plan for the future.

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