after the storm

after the storm

After the storm had blown through yesterday, we went through a walk through the quiet streets in our neighbourhood. As we walked, we admired the sculptured snowbanks piled high by plow, snowblower and shovel, and smoothed to softness by the wind.

Walkways and driveways had already been cleared in front of some houses, and others were deep in drifts. A dog ran out to greet us as we walked by; his owner was busy with the shovel in front of his house — you wouldn’t have known he was there except for the snow flying up over the high bank. Another man with a snowblower was working farther down the street, and I could hear the sound of an ice scraper behind a running car in a nearby driveway. A taxi drove by, taking the turns carefully.

There was still a nip in the wind, and the soft snow swirled from snowbank to snowbank as we followed the tire tracks through the snow. We returned home, our cheeks red from the cold, cleared the back steps once more, and hung our hats to dry over the mudroom heater.

Photo taken on February 2, 2011


11 thoughts on “after the storm

  1. Gord was out in the storm for about 3 hours yesterday clearing snow from neighborhood driveways on the tractor. This morning he was out before breakfast rolling all over the neighborhood with childlike enthusiasm. I think he may still have his pajamas on under the down parka! Folks from BC have been gleefully asking if we now realize our mistake in moving to the Maritimes HA! It’s great to see Gord enjoying himself so much.

    • That’s a great image, Martin — Gord driving a tractor through a snowstorm, wearing a huge smile and pajamas — that must have been priceless… maybe it’s not such a long way from the sandbox to the the snow fields!

    • Peaceful, yes, and it’s also kind of exciting to walk along the streets before they get plowed and salted and normal traffic is restored… though I doubt whether I’d feel the same way if I lived in the country.

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