barbecue dreaming


I can’t believe the snow this year.
The snowdrifts are almost hip deep.
The snowbanks on each side of the driveway are over my head.

Can you remember the feel of grass between your toes?

Every day I have to bundle up.
I have so many layers to put on when I go out.
I have so many layers to take off when I come home.

Can you remember the sound of bees humming in the hot afternoon?

It’s impossible to go anywhere.
The sidewalks are deep with drifts, or too icy for safe walking.
The streets are slippery, the parking meters half-buried by snow.

Can you remember the smell of hamburgers cooking on the barbecue?

Photo taken on February 2, 2011


10 thoughts on “barbecue dreaming

  1. I acutally worked two days last year (!), in January, so I know where you’re coming from. The walk down Magazine St., crossing Metcalf and Main … walking on the snow covered ice — hardly any sidewalks at all — was treacherous.

    Icy sidewalks are the down-side of Winter.

    The other day we were out at Saints’ Rest. There was the usual line-up of cars. Gerry said to me, «wonder how they would react if I were to undress and walk straight into the sea?!» Would have been fun to watch the expressions on people’s faces 🙂

    • The sidewalks aren’t all passable, that’s for sure, Rebekah! There’s been so much snow — and uncleared sidewalks — that I’m considering whether snowshoes might be a good idea. I walked over to Rockwood Park today, and the sidewalks weren’t too bad, but you needed good boots.

      That Gerry… he sounds like a wild and crazy guy!

  2. You’re making me wish it was summer again right now! I’m already sick of winter, but the memories of happy summer days seem like so long ago… only a couple more months until the snow starts to disappear!

  3. Sounds like the winter is starting to get to you. Might be a good time to have a mini caribbean vacation party. Before we moved, the girls and I used to get together and spike fruits, make margaritas etc etc – dance to steel drums music, and have traditional foods from points south. We would post pictures around the rooms from travel brochures or past vacations. No sweaters allowed! While the party didn’t fix the winter blues for very long, it sure was fun for a day or two – best part was the laughter when we talked about what a good time we had. 🙂

  4. Gillian! You just popped into my head suddenly and I had to visit your blog. What a great photo to discover! We, too, are having record snow here in Minneapolis and I have been having the same feelings of longing and separation from the earth, the green, the smell of the dirt (or my own sweat!). I love winter but I am starting to really yearn bodily for the warmth of spring…love the light and vignetting on this one!

    • Oh, how lovely that you dropped by, Terra! “Yearn bodily”… yes, I’m definitely beginning to feel that. I mean, how many times can you shovel the same patch of driveway (hmm, sounds like a song)?

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