brave McAvity

Brave McAvity

Ever notice how fire hydrants look like little firefighters? Look at their red uniforms, their shiny helmets, their arms stretched out to help. Look at the way they stand protectively, patiently, ready for any emergency. They are short but sturdy, always the first to get dug out of the snowbank, but the last to get noticed in a crowd. They provide many community services, including acting as a message board for dogs and a vantage point for parade-watchers.

It’s good luck to have a fire hydrant near your home (we have one across the street), and it’s also good for your insurance rates. It’s a comfort to see their little faces keeping an eye on your neighbourhood. When there is a fire (fires do happen), that little fire hydrant could be your best friend in the whole world.

In the town of Tweed, Ontario, all the fire hydrants are painted — there is a cat, a pirate, a chef, a police officer — but here in Saint John, they wear their classic uniforms. They don’t need painted faces because they already look friendly. And they have names: this one is named McAvity. McAvity here is part of a small army of firefighters protecting our city. Brave McAvity.

Photo taken on February 24, 2011


11 thoughts on “brave McAvity

  1. I’ll never look at fire hydrants the same way again 🙂

    Great idea in Tweed, ONT too. They need to be associated with something different to what I’m thinking of when I hear about that town.

    In my hometown, they got another bright idea at one time: They invited all the local artists to paint the dumpsters around town … you know, like the brown ones we have here that says FERO on them.

    They really turned out lovely!

    • Decorated dumpsters — now that’s an intriguing project idea — I’ve seen public garbage bins painted with faces or colourful designs, so why not the industrial-sized dumpsters!

      Tweed is really a pretty little town.

  2. Well, of course I had to slip into my boots and cross the road, but McAvity’s snow cavity is so snugged around him I couldn’t find his name tag anywhere. So many things are waiting for Spring…

      • I think that having all the fire hydrants named McAvity is a smart idea; it’s much easier to remember one name than hundreds. I’m curious, though, are there other members of the McAvity clan in other cities, or even countries?

    • Well, I’m sure yellow is a lovely colour, too, Louise. At one time our fire engines were painted yellow, as it’s supposed to be easier to see from a distance, but then they all switched back again. Maybe yellow is just too happy, and not urgent enough for emergencies. I’d be surprised if your fire hydrants don’t have names, maybe they’ll be revealed in the spring, as Lavenderbay suggests.

    • I think that “little firefighter” look is part of their charm, barefootheart. I hadn’t realized until I posted this how many fire hydrant photos I have in my collection. Or maybe it’s just (being a short person myself) that I feel an affinity with the little people!

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