winter, the continuing story

winter at the park 2

That combination of snow and rain on Friday night made for some horrible driving. I agree that the trees look really pretty.

I arrived home safely, but then managed to wedge the car into a snowbank, and with all that ice underneath, all the wheels could do was spin. I was so relieved when my partner remembered the old rug in the garage, and between the two of us, we managed to get it free again.

That high wall of snow and ice chunks left by the snowplow Saturday morning across our shared driveway made me want to cry. I almost cried again when our neighbour’s friend drove up with his plow to clear it.

We bundled up and took the dogs to the park yesterday, but it was so cold I wanted to turn around and go home again. But once we were in the shelter of the trees on the sunny side of the lake, it was warm again, and people were smiling, and the snow sparkled in the sun.

More snow is expected today, and more rain tonight. To be continued.

Photo taken on February 27, 2011


14 thoughts on “winter, the continuing story

    • I don’t know anyone who isn’t hoping for spring to come soon (not that it will make one whit of difference to the willful weather)… still, hope is better than nothing! Thanks for stopping by to comment, bearrunner!

  1. Oh my! Great minds think alike LOL. My post today was on the same topic.

    Having friendly neighbours is priceless. I’m very familiar with that feeling of just wanting to cry.

    Yes, the park looked spiffy yesterday, with all that ice covered snow.

    • Yes, and I see you were at the park, too, Rebekah. Therefore (I agree), you must have a great mind! 😉
      Winter still seems to have a stranglehold here. Looking on the bright side, though, it’s certainly sharpening our appreciation and anticipation of spring!

    • Oh, I understand what that feels like, Louise. Dismal has a way of getting indoors and the dampness gets to your toes and there’s nothing you can do except make a cup of tea and wait it out. I’m hoping your weather breaks soon, and March brings sunshine again!

    • Yes, hurray for March! And yes, the light is good, the days are getting longer and gradually warmer, too. But the forecast is for a late spring this year, and I believe it.

  2. As much as I have enjoyed the snow this winter (granted, we didn’t get nearly as much as you did in NB), I’m hating this whole “ice” thing. With the rain/freeze, our snow covered fields and yard are now teflon that occasionally breaks and you fall through just enough to turn an ankle. I wrenched my back just trying to keep my balance crossing to the chicken coop the other day. I told Gord that if we’re ever in a position to be snow birds, Feb-March are the months I want to fly out of here.

    • Oh yes, the ice right now is horrid. Walking is treacherous, my parents’ driveway is a sheet of ice, the back gate won’t open more than 2 inches and and the garage door is now frozen shut. I’m looking forward to the warmer days later this week to soften the hard crusty snow and start melting the icy patches.

      It’s funny that you’ve thought about being “snow birds”. I’ve heard “Florida” on Janet’s lips several times over the last week or so, although I guess it’s been so cold down south lately than some snow birds didn’t bother going this year. Go figure.

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