tropical dreams


If plants had feelings — and who says they don’t? — they would feel very sad at being neglected in a dark corner of the house. You know they are feeling sad, because they literally droop with sadness, moping in the shadows, turning pale and dropping leaves, trying desperately to catch your attention.

And when you relent and place them in a sunny window, giving up your own sunny table to make your plants happy, oh my, what an improvement to their spirits and yours! You can almost see them purring with pleasure as they bask in the light, leaning in to the window as close as they dare and even sacrificing the tips of their leaves in quest of the sun’s life-giving rays.

And if plants had dreams — you know they do — they would dream of mountain slopes and steamy jungles, hot breezes and drenching rains, the call of parrots and the rainbow shimmer of butterfly wings, a tropical paradise where winter is banished forever.

Photo taken on January 20, 2011


6 thoughts on “tropical dreams

  1. Cool picture! Love the yellow horizontal section smack in the middle and all the competing lines and reflections.
    I like your plant dream meditation too. I have a few plants crying out here, poor things.

  2. Love the picture. Those plants, in my native tongue, are called [in a straight translation] «mother-in-law’s tongue» 🙂
    My big, favourite plant gave up recently. It kept falling down when it was windy. When the wind outside is blowing out of the SW, it causes a draft … anyway, long story. I’ll try and find a new one. Diffenbachia, I think they’re called. It was tall, and it broke.

    This will soon be over. I heard Gerry humming a song this afternoon: «It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas»…

    • I think those plants are the same in English, Rekekah, although in this case I think I would use the Latin name, if I knew it, so as not to be insulting! I think my mom has a Diffenbachia, as the name sounds familiar. Funny how tropical plants are the only ones which survive in our indoor environments.

      That Gerry. Humph. I hope you swatted him!

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