living in a snow globe

living in a snow globe

I was browsing my winter photos the other day, and actually cringed when I found one with the comment, “Yay, the snow is back!” We’ve had so much snow this year, I can hardly believe I felt that way only a few short months ago. At the same time, I’m aware that all this snow will seem as unreal as a dream in another few months.

In the last few days, I’ve been walking around our property, making mental notes:

  • the snow is over the top of the driveway reflectors
  • look how it’s drifted right across the fence
  • it’s higher than the railing on the back stoop
  • the snowbanks along the road are taller than me.

Right now, we’re inside looking out at winter and wishing it will go away. But it will go away, and we’ll be outside looking into our memories, shaking our heads as we say to each other, “Do you remember all that snow we had last winter? It was up to here!”

Photo taken on February 28, 2011


9 thoughts on “living in a snow globe

  1. Yes, it’s unbelievable. I’m making mental notes too … I’m saying to myself, «it’s cold and snow now, so you getter enjoy it. In a few months you’ll constantly be holding yourself back from griping about how hot it is.» The last two summers have been almost unbearable [for me], survived thanks to the a/c, shower and the ocean. I dreamt of snow, I wanted to roll around in it 🙂
    So right now I’m trying hard to really live in the present. Never thought I’d turn out to be this way.

    Now, this doesn’t stop me from commiserating with all the people who have to live with shovelling, icy streets and all that… Because the winter of 07/08 in QC is still fresh in my mind. Never did I shovel so much.

    • I can just picture that, Rebekah, wishing there was snow to roll around in when the heat starts to get oppressive. Now there’s a business opportunity if we had a little money and ingenuity — we could gather up a giant freezer’s worth of “real winter snow” and sell it by the cupful come summertime!

      • What a great business concept! 🙂 «REAL WINTER SNOW» … I wouldn’t have to go to the dairy room in Costco all that often LOL

    • Yes, it is gradually beginning to disappear. And with the 2 1/2 inches of rain forecast over the next two days, maybe we’ll even begin to see a few patches of grass again!

  2. And, by August, when we’re sick of walking around with a constant sheen of sweat, we’ll be saying “Oh, I wish that Winter would come again.”

    • I’m trying to imagine that, Louise, and right now it’s hard to remember what that kind of heat feels like! I think it would be much easier if there was an optimum season/temperature that we could all wish for at once, some kind of happy medium climate rather than one extreme or the other. I suppose that’s all very Canadian, isn’t it!

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