construction is a season

construction is a season

I know it’s not spring yet, but look — patches of bare ground have appeared where ice-encrusted snowbanks once ruled, I can see a ring of grass around the maple tree, and, on the sunny side of the street, a sidewalk! This past weekend, the temperature soared to 9 degrees celcius and it rained (other places were not so lucky). We lost two-thirds of our snow. It feels like such a relief.

Along with the warming temperatures, other signs of spring:

  • a sleepy housefly was buzzing and bumbling around the kitchen at work
  • the goldfinches are beginning to yellow up
  • the cat actually wants to go outdoors
  • lost dog toys have suddenly turned up in the backyard, having been there all along

The construction project uptown has moved into a new phase of work, and the excavation for the new parking garage has begun. When I walked by the construction site yesterday, I smelled mud. Mud! Any day now, road crews will be out with fresh asphalt to start filling the huge potholes that plague the city streets.

The construction season has begun. Can spring be far behind?

Photo taken on February 24, 2011


8 thoughts on “construction is a season

  1. At the end of winter, I welcome the sight of construction vehicles – I know that Spring IS right around the corner! People here in Michigan say that we have two seasons – Winter and Construction.

  2. I used to hate construction season when I was working, at least the road construction. There seemed to always be some place on my way to work being improved, and slowing me way down. Now that I don’t have that hustle and bustle any more, I don’t mind it so much. But, barefootheart is right, first we have to get through mud season.

    • When the spring thaw hits, it’s water, not mud, that people here worry about. Even the rain over the weekend caused some problems with flooding, and I know there’s more to come, with ice jams and overflowing banks along the rivers and lowlands, especially if the rest of the snow all melts at once. I’m thankful that our house is on high ground.

  3. Well, since you wrote that post, I think Spring has progressed a great deal. The streets are bare now, so the potholes are fully out! Guess they will have a lot of patching up to do. I don’t think it will be long before we see the first colt’s foot.

    • Spring is bursting out all over! Let me know if you see any colt’s foot, Rebekah, and I’ll keep my eyes peeled as well. The first flower spotter wins a prize!

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