signs of spring

signs of spring

It feels like a miracle, the way the winter has all but disappeared. Barely more than a week ago, it seemed that the tall snowbanks and thick ice would never leave, but then the mild temperatures and rain arrived and washed most of it away. It’s hard to describe that sudden burst of joy I felt on seeing patches of bare garden already showing signs of life, how quickly the green shoots are starting to emerge!

As the spring solstice nears and the sap starts running, I feel my own energy level respond. I walked in the garden yesterday without a jacket, and it felt like such freedom. The birds are more plentiful, and more vocal, too; yesterday we heard a cardinal, and saw a small flock of red polls in the maple tree. Spring is arriving and I want to be outdoors; I want to revel in it.

There are changes in my own life, too. On Saturday, my partner and I played our first ever “gig”, a 30-minute program of harp & recorder while guests gathered for my aunt’s 95th birthday party. We had both worked hard to prepare the music and it showed; we actually sounded good, and — bonus — it was fun!

And tomorrow I will be celebrating my 50th birthday. This turning of the year is also a turning point in my life. I don’t know what to expect, or even what I’ll be doing in a few months, but I have a hunch that whatever happens next is going to be good!

Photo taken on February 21, 2011


8 thoughts on “signs of spring

  1. Martin and I hope you had a fantastic birthday yesterday. We lit a brushpile that had built up last year, it burned through the whole day. Seemed like the right thing to do with a friend passing a milestone and all.

    • Wow, a big bonfire sounds like fun — primitive and delightful! Did you roast marshmallows?

      We’ll have to see if some of the brush at the back of our property is dry enough to burn. Maybe we’ll unearth the firepit thingy from the garage to celebrate the spring solstice next week!

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