taste this

taste this

It’s that first whiff as a wave of wood smoke wafts by your nose. It’s the lawn chairs pulled out from the back of the garage, now waiting on the patio. It’s the surprising warmth of the sun in the late afternoon. It’s the pile of brush heaped into the portable firepit, spitting sparks and sinking into coals and ash. It’s all of this that draws me outdoors, out into the fresh spring air.

That’s when the bag of marshmallows emerges, and last summer’s marshmallow sticks are pulled from their hiding place. The stick ends are whittled clean, and the familiar ritual begins. Bundled against the chilling breeze, we lean into the warmth of the fire as we meditatively twirl our marshmallows over the hot coals. Smoke tendrils spiral upwards as the white-coated sweets turn brown and pocked with heat. I lift the perfectly toasted marshmallow to my mouth. Mmm.

Photo taken on April 10, 2011


5 thoughts on “taste this

  1. Would you believe it, but I’ve never had a toasted marshmallow in my entire life 😆

    I used to buy marshmallows back in QC, and feed them to the raccoons … occasionally. It’s not good for them, but as a treat every now and then can’t hurt 🙂

    • Wow, you are really missing out on what I consider a classic Canadian experience. It’s our favourite summer dessert, whenever we barbecue or enjoy our little backyard fireplace. And of course, they taste even better when you’re out camping… You should come over some evening (maybe when it gets a bit warmer) to try it!

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