railway tracks, dandelions

I’ve taken a few weeks off. I haven’t been writing, and for a while I wasn’t even taking any photos. When my short-term job finished at the end of April, my daily schedule dissolved into mush.

And it strikes me that — as much as I like newness and adventure — I need a daily rhythm to ground me. In musical terms, I could improvise to my heart’s content, but without a steady beat to act as counterpoint, creativity becomes chaos. And chaos is confusion, quicksand, energy-sucking distraction.

My partner has started a short-term job, and I needed to clear my desk to make room for her laptop. The dining room table is now covered with the non-essential  papers and peripherals that were cluttering my desk. And I discovered my missing lens cap. And I’ve discovered that I like the look of the desk with just a computer and keyboard, a lamp, a storage drive or two. I like the way it looks clean and non-distracting. It helps me to see where I’m going, to remind me of the tasks I have set for the day, and the long-term goals that will keep me from getting too sidetracked.

And I know I will get sidetracked. It always happens. There be dragons, sloughs of despond and other obstacles along the way. As Ferron sings in “Ain’t Life a Brook”: “Life don’t clickety-clack down a straight-line track, it comes together and it comes apart.”

And then it comes together. Confusion gives way to clarity. Something clicks, and a new adventure begins. And I pick up the camera, and new images inspire new words, and here I am, on track: ready to begin again.


4 thoughts on “sidetracked

  1. nice to see your stuff again! i am selling a pdf of the magazine i produced some time ago, and hoping to get it to go far and wide!:)
    please see my blog, drag the jpg to your desktop, and mail it to your good friends:)
    i cam to the conclusion the other day that i should get paid for the 5 weeks straight work i put into the mag!:)
    i hope that you are well, and are able to push a little on your side of the world:)!!

  2. I’ve missed your blogs.

    I didn’t know that the job was temporary. G. has been in France for three weeks … we could have gone out on a photo walk or so. But … on the other hand, it’s been raining for the same amount of time 🙂

    That sounded strange, like I couldn’t go out when he’s at home LOL. That’s not the case, but being here all by myself, I ended up doing nothing. No pictures have been taken.

  3. Sometimes that’s just what a person needs – a break for perspective. But it’s nice to see you back on the ‘Net. Can’t wait to see more photos!

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