I love the incongruity of this. The word “smile” written as graffiti. That’s smile without a smiley face, with what looks like an anguished face. That’s smile written on an alley wall just off one of the main shopping streets in uptown Saint John. There is irony here, and humour. It made me smile.

Taken on August 9, 2010



It’s Monday. Monday is traditionally laundry day. Monday is the day when we get back to our regular routine, back to our responsibilities and daily tasks. And when we’ve had an especially hectic or wearying weekend, Monday is refreshingly normal.

Taken on May 19, 2009

St. James Street

When I lived in Ontario, I missed the fog. There was smog, yes, but it’s not the same. The fog has life to it. It moves and hunkers down, opens up and closes in. It creeps up from the cold Bay of Fundy, cooling the air, muffling the sound of traffic, softening the shadows. It can move surprisingly quickly, slipping into town the moment you’ve turned your back. I always knew, growing up here, that a day at the beach is not complete without a sweater, because you never knew when the fog would come in.

Taken on May 31, 2009

Lamp on Grannan Lane

It was noon, and the bright sun was lighting up the buildings on the other side of the alley. I turned to the shadow side, and found this symmetrical wall with its understated 19th century architectural elegance.

Taken on May 21, 2010