winter’s grip is not so tight

once upon a winter's night

The light is changing, I feel sure
that winter’s grip is not so tight
and twilight has a touch of warmth — no more
abrupt sunsets, the sun rudely diving behind the horizon
before evening arrives — now the day lingers, looking back,
drawing curtains of pale pink and indigo across the window of the sky.
The cold still creeps under cover of darkness, encasing the land in ice,
but morning comes early — impatient now to work its own miracles —
turning snow into slush, ice into water,
warming the sleeping world to life.

Photo taken on February 10, 2011


between the sea and sky

Today is the day after Labour Day. Today is a good day to go back to work, back to school, back to whatever it is that got put aside for the summer. The days are getting shorter with the turning of the year, and they will go by quicker with all the activities that start up again to fill evenings and weekends. I find the hint of autumn weather invigorating — the cooler temperatures remind me of the excitement I used to feel about the first day back to school. There is a brisk wind blowing in from the sea, a wind of change and opportunity. Today is a good day to spread your wings, to let the wind lift you up and send you flying!

Taken on May 31, 2009

blue wall, reserved

I took this photo the other day — this is the outside wall of a curling rink — because the bright blue and white caught my eye, reminding me of travel posters of Greece…[hmm, somewhat ironic, considering the context]. When I posted it on Flickr, someone asked me what an ice technician does. I don’t know. I suppose it has something to do with maintaining the temperature and slipperiness of the ice, so maybe it’s a heating and cooling job. Is there a zamboni involved? Skates chip and groove the ice surface, but what would curling rocks and brooms do? I haven’t the foggiest idea.

Taken on August 5, 2010