port city

There are two kinds of Maritimers: those who stay, and those who leave. And of the people who leave, there are those who return, and those who want to return but never do. I was part of the outward migration in the 1990s, when Saint John lost almost 14% of its population. The recession had hit the city hard, many businesses closed and times were tough. I returned, but it took a while to be convinced. I had to see the city for what it was, not just as I remembered it. I had to realize that this city had weathered many recessions, many boom-and-bust cycles, and survived. And I had to believe that this could be a place where I would not only survive, but thrive. Since I’ve been back, I’ve met many others who have also felt the tug of home. I’m pleased to be one of the Maritimers who returned.

Taken on May 24, 2009